Sunday, April 24, 2011

I'm geting really bad at this "weekly' blog. It is becoming an every other week kind of blog.

There were several activities over the past two weeks so we will sum them up as best we can.

Fishing trip
Knowing we were moving I took one last opportunity to go wade fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. I know I plan to come back and do it again I just don't know when. I had originally declined the chance to go because I was working the PGA tournament here in San Antonio, but I knew I would regret it if I did not go fishing with friends. It just so happened the we were off work on Friday so we decided to go down Thursday night and fish all day Friday and most of Saturday. First and foremost I can report that I was injury free this time. For those that were not aware last year I went and stumbled into an oyster reef and cut my feet, 14 stitches. We got started first thing Friday and I hooked into the first fish. We couldn't keep it, the fish I caught, similar to a catfish is the "carp" of the coast. We ended up catching lots of fish, but only being able to keep a few, size restrictions. I ended up with two good size redfish. Saturday was much windier and colder. I again hooked into several fun fish, but only kept one flounder. I was never under the impression that flounder had such mean teeth. We had a great time and had no regrets.

PGA Tournament
Although I found a subsititute for the weekend shift I was able to work the Wednesday shift. It is by far the best day to work a tournament. The Wednesday is the charity pro-am and the golfers are more relaxed and willing to take pictures, talk, and sign autographs. They were all remarkablely friendly. I took Hunter with me and set him up with a handful of colored sharpies, comfortable chair and a tournament flag. He sat with us at the first green, while myself and two other volunteers "controlled the crowd". Hunter was our crowd. He got every pro on the pro-am to sign his flag, three pros who weren't in the pro-am, and two amatuer golfer. Amatuer golfers, but retired NBA players. All in all his flag is covered and some of the guys he talked to were, Adam Scott, Chris DiMarco, Justin Leonard, Charles Howell III, Anthony Kim and Kevin Na. The two amatures were Bruce Bowen and Michael Finley. Kevin Na you might not of heard much of until this tournament when he shot a 15 on one hole, but he was very nice to Hunter and gave him one of his golf gloves which he signed for him. Hunter also got about 2 dozen golf balls from the players, some signed some not. One of the funnier players on tour is Rocco Mediate. Hunter had a cute interaction with him. As Hunter was approaching Rocco and about 40 feet away, Rocco turned to one of the amatures and said, "I picked about the worse day to not sign for kids" Hunter unphase went up and asked for his autograph. Rocco said, "Didn't you hear whatI just told him?" With a smile Hunter, handing him a Sharpie replied, "Nope." He signed Hunter's flag. a couple cards and two of the volunteer hats. I asked him to sign a golf tee to which he laughed.

Ward Campout
Our annual ward campout was this weekend. It was held in a beautiful location with high cliffs and a river running through that the kids and adults could play in. I choose not to take any fishing equipment and stayed out of the water. Although the site was pretty it was not well designed for groups. We had several families there and had over 160 people in attendance. All of the campsites were spread out and it was difficult to socialize with other families. We knew that this would be our last chance to really visit with several of the families and we took advantage of the time. Linda and Hunter set up the camp and I made dinner with homemade rootbeer. The girls and Nathan quickly paired up with friends and would come and go as they pleased, always under the watchful eye of an adult. We will definately miss this group of friends.

Last Days at Zachry.
Getting a new job is always fun and exciting, but leaving everyone and everything I have worked with for the past 5 years was definately diffcult. I know that in an organiztion that size there were still people I was not able to say goodbye to. I had a great time there and I can't think of a 5 year period in which I learned and grew more than I did in the past five years. Hopefully I will be able to take those things that I learned with me to Arizona and apply them. There is no doubt that over the past five years i have grown more peosonally and professionally than any other five year span I can recall.

Enchanted Rock
While I was fishing Linda and group of ladies took all the kids to Enchanted Rock. From all accounts a good time was had by all, except one of the boys whose nature allergies went into full effect. Apparently he is allergic to everything that grows in south Texas. Pollens and grasses especially. Our kids had a great time and I'd love to tell you more about it, but Linda is the storyteller on that one and shes not available so she'll tell you about it next time.

That will wrap it up for now. I'm sure there are things I missed, but next week should be even more eventful.


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  1. Very jealous of your outdoor weather. Longing for more sunny days.
    Hugs from Ohio